Heartland Fall Forum

The Heartland Fall Forum is an exciting trade show partnership we’ve created with GLIBA, the Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association, to host a shared, expanded trade show open to all independent booksellers and their partners throughout the greater Midwest. Hosted experimentally in 2012 and 2013, the show has been considered a resounding success, and we’ve officially announced it as an ongoing feature of the national publishing landscape.

This year, we’ll meet in Minneapolis on September 30-October 2 at The Depot, a beautiful nineteenth-century train station transformed into a hotel and conference center in downtown Minneapolis.

Please see www.HeartlandFallForum.org for additional details about this exciting literary event.


Check out what the industry has to say about our first-ever Heartland Fall Forum.
  • “I’ve been back from the Heartland Fall Forum  in Minneapolis for more than a week already, and I’m still buzzing with the excitement of that show.” –Lynn Mooney, Only Readers Need Apply
  • “Booksellers’ reaction to the show was enthusiastic without reservation.” –Robert Gray, Shelf Awareness
  • “Bookish magic’s in the air here.” — Robert Gray, Shelf Awareness
  • “The first Heartland forum was described by many as the best regional gathering they’d attended in years.” — Claire Kirch, Publishers Weekly
  • “The Heartland forum indeed turned out to be much greater than the sum of its many parts. If there was one word both exhibitors and booksellers used over and over in discussing the show with PW, it was ‘energy.'” –Claire Kirch, Publishers Weekly
  • “All in all, I met so many wonderful people; authors, publishers, agents, editors. Whether it was from a big publisher or a small imprint, they were all passionate and delighted to be a part of this event.” –Red-Headed Book Child