This page contains the following information:

  • Order bookstands and stickers
  • Industry contacts
  • Member stores’ social networking accounts and blogs (updated as of January 2012)
  • Affiliate members’ social networking accounts (not exhaustive; a more complete version is in process)

Send us an email ( with the following information: 1) how many boxes of bookstands you’d like, 2) how many rolls of stickers you’d like and which style, and 3) how you’d like to pay. We can email you an invoice for your order, of if you’d like to pay by credit card, call us (763-544-2993)  to give us your credit card info, which can be securely stored for your next order.

Order Bookstands


Our bookstands were custom-made for MIBA according to bookseller specifications — and they are an ongoing success. Book stands are 5.5″ W x 5.5″ H. The base is 7″ deep. The shelf is 2 3/4 ” deep. Order bookstands 10 per box for $90.00 (includes tax and shipping).  Read more »

Order Stickers

We offer three types of stickers: 1) Signed Copy 2) Local Author and 3) Staff Choice. They are all 2″ wide and 1″ high. “Signed Copy” is gold on white and the other stickers are white on red. The adhesive is effective, but light, allowing stickers to be very easily removed. Order 250 stickers (1 roll) for $10.00. (Price includes tax and shipping.) Read more »

Industry Contacts

We offer  lists with active hyperlinks of publishers, commission reps, distributors, wholesalers, sidelines, and industry, regional, and government contacts.

Member Stores’ Social Networking Accounts

Download our list of member stores’ social networking accounts so you can stay up-to-date on what others are up to.  Last updated January 2012. Read more »

Affiliate Members’ Social Networking Accounts

Click through for a comprehensive list of affiliate members’ social networking accounts with live links where applicable.  Read more »