The Midwest Independent Booksellers Association is as a forum for professional booksellers in our region to work together to make retail bookselling as well-managed, financially successful, and rewarding as possible. We invite professionals in the book industry to become a part of the association and join us in striving toward our goal. Our effectiveness comes from uniting this group of professionals dedicated to a single purpose: To strengthen independent retail bookselling throughout the Midwest.

We offer three levels of membership based on where you fit in the bookselling industry. The following is our membership information and renewal forms for July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014. Please click on the membership type to download the membership form.

  1. Booksellers. Dues: $120 per store location. Voting members. Retail bookstores owned and operated as sole proprietorships, partnerships, or incorporated businesses originating in and registered in our members states, as well as prospective booksellers. Includes an unlimited number of free badges for store staff to attend our trade show. Also, as a benefit to independent bookstores, the first year of membership for a brand-new storefront is completely free! Please contact Carrie at for more information.
  2. Affiliates. Dues: $140 per company. Voting members. Publishers, sales reps (both in-house and commission), wholesalers, and vendors who do business with our booksellers. Includes 5 free badges for our annual trade show.
  3. Associates. $150 per individual or institution. Nonvoting members. Individuals professionally allied to the book industry, including librarians, teachers, and members of the media, authors, agents, and prospective and chain booksellers. Includes 2 free badges for our annual trade show.

Bookseller and Affiliate members are allowed to vote on matters presented to the membership, while Associate members cannot. Only one vote will be allowed to a group of retail bookstores, publishers, or reps operating under common ownership.

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